AAVAA Therapeutics

Our mission is to cure the incurable.

We are committed to developing simple and creative gene therapies for complex skeletal diseases and ultimately providing cure for chronic unmet needs with high mortality.

In early 2019, it was discovered that bone-targeting AAV gene therapy prevented bone loss in osteoporosis in preclinical trials. Dr. G. Gao, one of the most recognized gene therapy researchers in the world, joined forces with Dr. J. Shim to co-found AAVAA Therapeutics with one shared goal: AAV gene therapies for skeletal diseases.

AAVAA Therapeutics now collaborates with UMass Medical School, a world-class research institution in gene therapy, and with Yonsei University Severance Hospital, one of the most prestigious medical institutions in Asia. If successful, AAV gene therapy for skeletal diseases will be the first of its kind and will cure millions of patients.

Indeed, AAVAA Therapeutics dreams of serving up a world where a bone-healthy, independent lifestyle, without fear of falling, is a reality for each and every human being who suffers from skeletal diseases.