Horae Gene Therapy Center

AAV Gene Therapy

AAVAA’s Key Collaborator:
Horae Gene Therapy Center & Horae Viral Vector Core

∙ The Horae Gene Therapy Center (HGTC) of UMMS is a critical component of the UMass Advanced Therapeutics Cluster.

∙ The GTC is a world leader in AAV discovery, vector development, production, quality control testing and applications for pre-clinical gene therapy studies.

The Viral Vector Core is located in a state-of-the-art research facility, Albert Sherman Center on the UMMS campus.
The Core comprises a > 3,000 square feet facility.
∙ The Horae Viral Vector Core (HVVC) is an indispensable unit of HGTC, serving to elevate our reputation among academic and industrial users throughout the world, driving gene therapy research at UMMS, and serving many gene therapy researchers around the world.

∙ The Vector Core has grown into a world class supplier of high-quality research grade viral vectors shipping to over 80 research entities worldwide with over $10M in revenue accrued for the FY2014-2019 period.

∙ Viral Vector Core creates and produce a variety of large quantity and high-quality viral vectors. Among those different viral vectors, rAAV is Viral Vector Core’s mainstream vector product with more than 1,500 lots produced per year.